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ClaimChecker by The Process Innovators

The decision model ClaimChecker, developed by The Process Innovators, offers insurers and insurance agents the option to handle claims in an automated way, gaining efficiency and at the same time increasing customer experience.

ClaimChecker can be integrated in claim processes, but it can also be used as a stand-alone application for all parties involved, such as claims handlers, claim experts, damage repair partners, call center employees, intermediaries, regulators and consumers. The outcome of such consultations is, by definition, according to the policy conditions, uniform, transparent, real time and objective.


The Process Innovators has developed ClaimChecker that substantially reduces the number of policy rules per insurance product. ClaimChecker works in a multidimensional way.

ClaimChecker enables the development of policy rules for all possible claim scenarios, which can relatively simply be modelled into a Business Rules Engine (BRE).

In addition to policy rules, calculation rules have been developed that determine the net payment obligation in the event of an insured claim in accordance with the policy conditions.

Additional decision rules have been developed for liability claims, making it possible (in standard situations) to determine whether they are in accordance with the legal term of liability.

No specific knowledge of policies is required when consulting the decision model; it is sufficient for users to translate the claimed damages to relevant policy terms, after which the policy coverage and net payment obligation are determined fully automatically.

ClaimChecker is universal and can be applied in all sectors: Fire, Transport, Private Third-Party Liabililty Insurance, Company Liability Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Recreational Craft Insurance, Travel, Accident, etc., for private persons as well as companies.

In addition to claims insurances, we also develop the decision model for other types of insurances.


ClaimChecker offers insurers and insurance agents substantial improvement of thier operational efficiency, while the consequent speeding up of the process will lead to a significant higher customer experience. Furthermore, it offers a relieve of the burden on back office systems and it no longer requires knowledge of policy rules.


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